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Think SecuRof

Who We Are

We live in turbulent times when security can no longer be taken for granted. Looking for a reliable security company to take care of security needs is not easy, especially if you are a small office or home owner. This is where SecuRof comes in. SecuRof is formed by two words, SECUR-ity and OF-fice. The name captures our vision, to be an outstanding company to provide one-stop security solution to small offices and homes around the world.


In the past, homes and small offices tend to accept a lower standard of service rendered to them. SecuRof does not hold this view. SecuRof believes that with new technologies readily available, such users should expect same level of product quality and service excellence that corporate users have been enjoying.


SecuRof considers product quality as the first requisite to customer satisfaction. All products offered by SecuRof have undergone strict assessment, and only quality products which will give many years of trouble-free service are selected. Despite this, should product quality issues still crop up, SecuRof will recall and replace these products at its own cost, while imposing minimal inconvenience to the customer.


SecuRof considers support as the second requisite to customer satisfaction. Therefore, SecuRof takes pain to train its sales and technical staff to be competent and courteous to respond to the varied needs of its customers. We sincerely believe that good referrals from our customers are the best way for our business to spread.

Fair Price

Securof pursues TWO objectives:

  • SecuRof will provide Security at a price that is affordable to everyone and lower than what is generally offered in the market.
  • SecuRof will not compromise quality at the expense of price.