The innovative cloud-based access control system

Maple’s cloud-based access control system makes access control and time attendance easy and accessible for everyone. 


Monitor Your Entire System from Anywhere and at Anytime

Maple allows customers to access and manage the system via web interface or mobile application from anywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Full featured access control and time attendance

Maple’s helps you track and manage access in and out of your office premises, for every employee. You will receive real time notifications on alarms or abnormal events occurring at the premises. Integration with time attendance software allows you to track staff work hours effortlessly. 


Maple makes it easier to access securely

Maple supports a wide range of access control readers, delivering maximum choice to meet all project requirements. With a range of applications, including proximity card, fingerprint, mobile app and Bluetooth long range active tag that makes it simple and convenient to access your office securely. 


Growing Your Business with Maple

Maple supports your business expansion. New employees and access points as well as locations can be easily added into the Maple database. Quickly and easily add new users for office access or get assistance from ELID.


Affordable Solution

Get a tailored quote that fits your business needs perfectly.


Security Specialists by ELID

From sales to technical support teams, ELID has the security expertise to design solutions and maintain systems for your organization.


Ideal for co-working spaces and chain-store operations